• Highland cows
  • Sheep in south Skye
  • Young Highland cow
  • Bottle feeding a lamb
  • Feeding hens
  • Bee on a flag iris
  • Cattle in north Skye
  • Crofts in Staffin, north Skye
  • Hebridean ram
  • Young crofter with a lamb
  • Croft house in winter
  • Alpaca shearing on Skye
  • Sheep shearing near Portree
  • Shearing
  • Cheviot shearing
  • Gathering wool
  • Checking sheep
  • Awaiting shearing
  • Awaiting shearing on Skye
  • Ewes and lambs

Crofting Images

Crofting is an important part of life in the Highlands and Islands.

Crofting is a land tenure system of small scale food producers unique to the Scottish Highlands and Islands. In Scotland there are about 17,000 registered crofts. Most crofters have other employment as well as keeping a few sheep or cattle on their croft land.

Skye Images has a library of stock images of crofters and crofting activities.

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